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Versatile Elegance: 4CT Lab-Created Colombian Emerald & Green Spinel Feather Brooch-Necklace
Exquisite 1.3 CT Top-Quality Colombian Emerald Necklace&Earrings | Elegant Gift for Her
Radiant Vivid Green Heart Ring with 1.5 CT Lab-Created Colombian Emerald
Lab-Grown Emerald Bracelet with Zircon Sparkle
Radiant Teardrop Emerald and Zircon Pendant Necklace with GRC Certification
Radiant 1.5 CT Vivid Green Lab-Created Colombian Emerald Ring
Radiant Teal Paraiba Tourmaline Pendant Necklace with Natural Zircon Accents
Eternal Embrace Silver Plated Bangle with Cubic Zirconia Accent

3 colors available

Radiant Silver-Plated 18k Gold Bracelet with Natural Zircon Accents
Radiant Oval-Cut Zircon Bracelet in 18k Gold-Plated Silver
Radiant Harmony Ring: 18k Gold-Plated Silver with Natural Zircon
Radiant Garland: Natural Zircon Marquise-Cut Gold-Plated Silver Bracelet
Radiant Elegance: Sleek 18k White Gold-Plated Zirconia Bangle
Pagoda Brilliance: Cushion and Pagoda-Cut Gemstone Earrings in Gold-Plated Silver
Oval Zircon Elegance Ring - Two Carat Centerpiece with 18K Silver-Plated Gold
Luxurious Wedding Bridal Tiara - Natural Zircon, Elegantly Plated in 24K White Gold
Luxurious Royal Family Tiara - Inspired by Queen Elizabeth Crown, Pearl & Zircon, 24K White Gold Plated
Lustrous Embrace: Natural Zircon Encrusted Gold-Plated Silver Bangle
Regal Brilliance: Swarovski Crystal Bridal Tiara
Regal Hearts and Teardrops Tiara - Sparkling Zirconia Crown for Weddings and Pageants
Rosy Rapture: Rose Gold-Plated Silver Ring with Pink Natural Zircon
Shimmering Elegance: Zircon Embellished Gold-Plated Silver Bracelet
Silver with Gold Plating Crescent Stud Earrings Embellished with Natural Zircon - Available in Silver and Gold
Silver with Rose Gold Plated Fan-Shaped Gemstone Pendant Necklace
Sparkle Fan Pendant Necklace - Available in Silver and Rose Gold

2 colors available

Spring Blossom Elegance: Marquise-Cut Zircon and Gold-Plated Silver Ring
Square Splendor: Natural Zircon Drop Earrings in Gold-Plated Silver
Sunflower Radiance: Natural Zircon Encrusted Gold-Plated Silver Necklace
Sunlit Splendor: Yellow Zircon Encrusted Sterling Silver Ring

2 colors available

Teardrop Treasure: Pear-Cut Gemstone Drop Earrings in Gold-Plated Silver
Twilight Sparkle Spiral Bangle Set in Silver with Gold Plating and Zircon
Verdant Gleam: GRC-Certified VVG Musou Green Lab-Created Emerald Gold-Plated Earrings
Versatile Elegance: Trio-Wear Zircon Fringe Necklace
Crossing Lights: Zircon-Adorned Gold-Plated Silver Cross Bangle
Elegant Pearl and Zirconia Tiara - Regal Wedding Crown
Elegant Contours: Pear-Shaped Natural Zircon Set in Gold-Plated Silver Rings
Elegant 2.2ct Natural Zircon Wheat Brooch & Necklace
Elegance Redefined: Silver Pavé Knot Bangle Bracelet
Droplet Radiance: Teardrop Natural Zircon Gold-Plated Earrings
Dazzling Yellow Diamond Necklace and Earrings Set
Dazzling 2.0CT Pink Diamond Ring in 3EX Cut
Dazzling 2.0 CT Natural Zircon Cushion Cut Diamond Necklace & Earring Set
Elegant Ribbon Tiara with Natural Zircon - 24K White Gold Plated Bridal Headpiece
Cross of Light: Zircon-Encrusted Silver Bangle
Celebrate Love with Our 2CT Heart Cut Diamond Necklace
Captivating Paraiba Tourmaline and Zircon Open Ring
Blush Harmony: Natural Zircon Gemstone Encrusted Gold-Plated Silver Ring
Blush Brilliance: Lab-Created Pink Diamond with Mother-of-Pearl Inlay in Gold-Plated Silver Ring